OSINT Investigator & Researcher

OSINT research involves the use of digital tools and online resources to investigate a topic or subject. Utilizing these tools to dig into the target of an investigation an OSINT researcher can uncover necessary information for various resources.

Over the last two decades, Scott Gombar has practiced online research in several roles. Developing an understanding of the vast array of digital tools while honing his skills and experience has led to the inevitable launch of OS Investigator.

OS Investigator (Open Source Investigator) is the culmination of decades of experience in IT, Social Engineering Education, and SEO work. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools and techniques evolve rapidly and require dedication and experience for the researcher to remain relevant. It takes lots of practice to become an expert.

Today OSINT is used by private investigators, law enforcement, journalists, researchers, law firms, IT, cybersecurity experts, teachers/professors, and more. Qualified and experienced OSINT professionals are becoming an important part of today’s technology-driven world. The demand will continue to increase. That’s where Scott’s expertise in the digital world come into play.

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