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It’s great to have years and years of SEO experience (and we do) but if you’re still using the same practices that you used even a few months ago your practices are out-dated.  The team at Scott Gombar Digital Marketing is always up to date and always use ethical methods of SEO.


Businesses and Business Owners need to be more social…in real life, and on the internet.  Our agency brings your business to the digital age of social media using  the more popular platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, but we’re also all over the live streaming.  We’ll make you bigger than life, and your audience will love it.


Don’t have time for the marketing funnel? Want to reach your target audience at a fraction of what it would cost to run a TV, Radio or Newspaper Ad?  Want more bang for your buck?  Look no further.  We are a Google AdWords Certified Partner, and we are routinely invited to Google to learn about the latest in greatest.  Talk to us today to learn more about your advertising options.

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Scott Gombar | A Digital Marketing Agency delivers results.  We are a full service digital agency bringing growth and success to your business through creativity, originality and know how.   

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The internet is a crowded place filled with lots of noise makers.  To stand out you need a digital marketing partner that’s not afraid to be bold.  We’ll make sure your message is seen, heard and remembered.

We’re not your cookie cutter digital marketing agency.  If you’re looking for the same ‘ol marketing agency then you’ve come to the wrong website.

Chances are you’re not alone in your marketplace.  Stand Out!!  Let Scott Gombar Digital Marketing help your brand/business be unique & be bold.

The say it and spray it method of digital marketing doesn’t work.  Your brand is defined by your clients and audience, not by you.  What do your clients and audience have to say about your brand?

Tell us who your ideal client is and watch the magic happen.

 Meet Your Clients Where They Are,

and On Their Terms!

Our team will help you find your ideal clients and we’ll take the virtual highway to meet them where they are.  

 Our Clients Love Us & We Love Them


Regina Sanchez

I want to thank you for your lively presentation at NAPO-CT. Your knowledge and humor were well received! As small business owners, we very much need to learn and appreciated learning the importance of growing our businesses by developing a digital marketing plan, how to attract new audiences to our sites and using Social Media effectively.

Susan O'Connell-NAPO

Thanks for all of your help this experience has been 10 times better than the last one.

Beau Couden-Elm City Energy

Our Website Traffic Quadrupled After You Transferred the New Site and Configured the SEO!!

Colleen Ferrary-Small Business USA

You are like the Yoda of social media marketing

Eugene Reznitsky-Trager Insurance

Scott is one of most knowledgeable men in his field. I trust his opinion and know I can count on his expertise.

Joan Acampora

Scott Gombar, is the go to social media expert he’s fair and honest your brand will become his brand.

Dr. Keva Hampton