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Google Search accounts for approximately 70% of all internet searches.  Where does your business show up?  If it’s not on the first page it may as well not exist on Google Search.  

results driven seo experts that work fastSearch Engine Optimization, commonly referred to as SEO is the art of optimizing a website to be seen by search engines.  Google Search is still the dominant search engine today.  There are 40,000 Google Search Queries every SECOND which equates to 3.5 Billion Google Search Queries a day.  Those numbers are astonishing.

The ultimate goal is to get placed on the first page of the major search engines.  SEO is more than that however.  It takes time, research, editing, more research and updating.  Then you get to start over again.

With the rapid evolution of search engines used by individuals and businesses to seek out specific information, often for the purpose of purchasing a product or service, it is increasingly important that your website is created in such a way to attract the search engines to index your sites.

There are a lot of factors that go into whether or not your website is ranked on page of a Google, Bing or Yahoo search.  Even scarier are the number of “SEO Experts” who tell you than can get you on page one of the search results using generic search terms and in a short period of time.

Did You Know:  You have 3 opportunities to show up on the first page of Google.

Add to that the fact that people are searching using other platforms now.  It’s not enough to focus on one major search engine.  You certainly don’t have the time to manage all of this yourself so why not trust the same expert team that many other businesses .

The truth is there is not a single formula that will work permanently.  Just when you think you have reached the top of Mt. Everest you have to start over again.  To obtain the results you desire it takes a well thought out plan, time and execution.   You cannot rest on your laurels once you have reached your goals because the Search Engines often change their algorithms to meet the needs of today’s search engine users.

Scott Gombar | A Digital Marketing Agency is a Google Certified partner that continuously studies the Google search algorithms as well as the algorithms for other search engines and social platforms.  Did you know that Google Search now uses Artificial Intelligence to determine what you’re really searching for?  We do, and we know how to research what terms your clients are searching, and how Google Search might interpret your clients input.

At Scott Gombar | A Digital Marketing Agency our team takes pride in staying abreast of the current formula for achieving positive search results while keeping our clients bottom line in consideration.  Our team, which includes you, will put a plan of attack together.  Once the plan is set our agency will execute a campaign to help you achieve your goals.

The proof is in the pudding, right?  Well we will also coordinate reports in simple terms so that you can see the end result of our partnership.  We believe in transparency and integrity   You will always know what we are doing, how we are achieving the results and how much bang you’re getting for your buck.

Contact Us today for a free, no obligation review of your Digital Marketing plan.  We’ll even throw in $100 to advertise on Google.  And we will never try to sell you on getting front page results in days using a generic search term.

“Wash, Rinse, have all seen the instructions on the bottle of shampoo and wondered how often do I repeat.~Scott Gombar

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 Chief Growth Officer Scott Gombar routinely speaks about Google to audiences of small business owners and entrepreneurs.   You can put your trust in his knowledge and expertise.