Local Search Infographic. Are You Measuring Up?

A lot of numbers to look at with this one.  Are you taking advantage of your local search opportunities.    Probably the most interesting to me is that there are 350 million business reviews done DAILY!  If you are a local business you definitely need a piece of that action.

By the way, over 40% of Connecticut is on Facebook.  If you do not have one of those 16 Million business pages you are doing your business a dis-service.

Which fact do you think is the most interesting?

Local Search Infographic

The importance of local search

You’re a local business in Connecticut and you need to target consumers and/or businesses in Connecticut.  You have a website but your not sure who is seeing it.   You need to focus on your Connecticut Local Search Marketing but now you are wondering how to go about that, or if your current internet marketing team is doing that for you.

There are numerous directories dedicated to local businesses and the consumers who support those CT local businesses.  Almost half of the app downloads on iOS are social and local.  This means that not only are consumers looking for businesses on the go, but they are looking for your product or service.  Is your competition getting the business because you’re not taking advantage of the directories and local search/social media?

Mapquest lists restaurants, banks, stores and other brick and mortar locations when anyone uses their service.  Is your business showing up on their site?  Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yelp are all dedicated to local business growth.   Many other sites tie in with local directories and search.   Millions upon millions of people are using local search to find what they are looking for, and many of them are ready to purchase.  Don’t miss out on the potential!

Ready to see how your doing with your local internet marketing? Click here…

Scott Gombar (122 Posts)

Scott Gombar has spent over 20 years in the technology world. At the turn of the millenium he was the owner of a company that promoted and managed local musicians & artists. He often found himself creating websites and online profiles for the artists to help promote them and their performances. After leaving the music industry he worked several years in different industries where he would contribute to those company’s web presence. He also coached many people on internet assets and related topics. For seven years Scott owned and ran TechsRUs; a technology support company. No matter how many times he tried to focus on the IT side of the business he was continually pulled to helping others with their websites and social media marketing. He also learned through trial and error how to market TechsRUs using the internet, and became quite good at it. Through all his attempts he gave TechsRUs the look and feel of a large corporate IT Support company while maintaining the mentality of a local small business.

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