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Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, and LinkedIn ads. We are experts and certified partners for all of these platforms.

Search Engine Marketing, also known as PPC (pay per click) advertising or SEM means paying to advertise on Search Engines.   We are your online advertising specialists.  We are also a Google AdWords Certified Partner.  

Much like SEO, Digital Advertising is not a set it and forget it process.  Ads need to be created following guidelines in place by the search engines.  The ads have to have keywords assigned to them so that they appear when people search for what you are advertising.  Where your ads place and how much you pay for each click depend on several items including the ad content, keywords selected and website content.  This is where it can get a little sticky and where many people struggle.

We can help you develop your ads, run the ads and optimize your ads based on the results you receive. We closely monitor and analyze the ad results to ensure you receive the best possible ROI.  Google & Facebook Advertising is not only the act of creating an ad.  Internet Advertising involves an action plan created and followed through, then tweaked to obtain the best possible results while minimizing the cost of the ads you are running.


Pay Per Click Ads can be created to run continuously, seasonal or for promotional purposes.  We know what it takes to run ads on the internet that will target the audience you seek, one that is ready to make a decision today.  Whether you sell products or services, you just want to get your name out there or want to bring attention to your blog or other materials our team is ready to knock it out of the park for you.

“The Bottom Line is the Bottom Line~Scott Gombar

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If you are looking to get more information or want a free review of your internet marketing plan feel free to contact us today.  We are ready to get your advertising campaign the attention it needs and the success it deserves.  Contact us now and just for speaking with me about your marketing plan I will give you $100 towards your Google AdWords campaign*.

Through Google Advertising you can target and retarget your ideal clients spending money only when qualified traffic clicks through to your website, landing page or video.

Case Studies:

Big Bear Wildlife was trying to reach clients in very specific locations along the coast of Connecticut.  We ran Google AdWords ads for 2 months spending just over $160.  During that time traffic to a landing page increased by 133% and Big Bear received 15 new clients as a direct result of the ads that ran on Google.  Big Bear’s Cost Per Acquisition during this ad campaign was a little over $10 representing a margin of $65 to $140 per job.  

Allstate Cremation was having difficulty with their original Google AdWords manager.  They were not seeing any results and often didn’t see their ad when searching Google.  They were also not able to get a hold of said AdWords manager.  They contacted Scott Gombar | A Digital Marketing Agency to see what we could do.  We advised them of possible resolutions and eventually took over the ad campaign.

The reason their ad was not showing up is because they were expending their daily budget before the end of the day.  We created new ads for them that ran throughout the day without interruption.  Cost Per Acquisition was around $90 for a service that cost at least $954.

Treasured Time was not aware that Google offered grants to 501(c)(3) organizations. The grants include $10,000 in Google AdWords spend..MONTHLY.  We applied for the Google Grant and set up their ad campaign.  Cost Per Acquisition is $0!

We were one of only 700 agencies at Google Agency Day in NYC.  There are lots of agencies that claim to be AdWords experts but we are trained, certified and continually educated by Google.  If you are unsure whether or not the agency you are working with is Certified ask for their credentials

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