Episode 7 | The Future of SEO in 2017

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the SEO Tear Down with Scott GombarEpisode 7 | The Future of SEO in 2017

2017 is rapidly approaching so it only seemed logical that it was time to discuss the near future of SEO and what business owners need to look out for.  SEO evolves all the time.  The days of keyword stuffing and adding your website URL to every website possible no matter the relevancy or quality are gone.  Shockingly some website owners…and SEOs, are still using these methods.

Here are the 7 areas that we discussed during this episode of the SEO Tear Down:

  1. The ImportanIce of Social Content (Sharing)
  2. Videos Rule the Roost
  3. Mobile Optimization Becomes Critical
  4. Voice Search Functionality
  5. Content Aggregation Becomes Bigger & Badder
  6. Mobile Apps Continue to Grow
  7. Local SEO Dominates Your World


I found this infographic to use as a discussion point.  Thank You, Caliber Marketing

7 SEO Trends for 2017


the SEO Tear Down with Scott Gombar

Episode 6 | 4 SEO Strategies to Beat Your Competition

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the SEO Tear Down with Scott GombarThis week we discussed a blog post I found about the 5 Best Ways to Beat Your Competition Using SEO.  After reviewing the article I discovered they only listed 4 methods but I analyzed them and provided additional information.  Here is a short synopsis:


  1. Know Your Competition:  When it comes to SEO you should know what your competition is doing and stay ahead of the game.  If you fall asleep at the wheel it’s easy for a competitor to leapfrog you.  If you’re doing everything right and staying ahead of the game and staying informed then you really won’t have to worry about it but if you (or your SEO person) slips you may find yourself looking up.
  2. Content is King:  I’ve probably written about Content Being King at least a half dozen times in the last 2 years so it’s no secret.  What some SEO people don’t tell you is that content comes in several shapes and forms and you should do your best to use all of them.
  3. Monitor Backlinks:  If you listened to me over the last few weeks or read this blog post then you know this is not AS IMPORTANT as it used to be but you should still do your due diligence.  Penguin 4.0 addressed link and now you are much less likely to be penalized.
  4. Keyword Planning:  Yes keywords are still relevant but not in the way they were 5 years ago, or even 5 months ago.  Research different variations of your keywords and use several.  Don’t use the one keyword, one content method of keyword planning.

I also talked briefly about a new Google AdWord type of campaign that will be rolling out.  Soon you will be able to create Click to Text Ads.  I will create a video on that as soon as I am able to.

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Episode 5 | 13 Proven SEO Keyword Strategies to Conquer Google

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the SEO Tear Down with Scott GombarThis week we talked about how Google determines who ranks higher for keywords, or why your keyword ranking has dropped.  There are over 200 ranking factors for Google but we only had time for about 8.  Here are some of the things to look for:

  • Is the Keyword in the URL?
  • Is the Keyword on the web page a few times?
  • Is the Keyword in the title?
  • Is the Keyword in the meta description?
  • Do images on the page have the keyword in the alt/title tags?
  • How old is the domain?
  • How long was the domain registered for?
  • Is the content up to date?
  • Engagement? Is the content being shared or commented on (not by spam)?
  • Is the content relevant to the website?
  • Is the content written with the audience in mind?
  • Are their high-quality backlinks to the web page?
  • Page Speed. Mobile. Amp (Google claims Amp is not a ranking factor..yet).

We also discussed what you should ask when deciding on an SEO for your website.

Beyond searching for a good SEO on the internet here’re a few things to consider:

  • Do they develop content around SEO and is it up to date?
  • Do they have a reputation? Will they offer references?
  • Reviews
  • Will they explain to you how they handle SEO?

These are some of the questions you can ask. If the SEO promises to get you to number 1 on Google within a short period of time run away, far away. While it is possible it is not likely without trying to game the system and that could cost you in the long run.

Another trick you can use. Go to WHOIS Search, Domain Name, Website, and IP Tools and see how long they own their domain. Any good SEO will purchase their domain for multiple years.

Lastly, even after they are done run an audit on your site to be sure they did everything they said they would do. It’s not hard to find a free audit service. I have one on my site.Free Digital Marketing Audit | Scott Gombar

Episode 4 | 2 Things to Implement for Google’s Rankbrain

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It’s all the rage…Google Rankbrain.  Wait, you never heard of it?  Ohhhh.  Well those of us that help businesses with SEO have been hearing about Rankbrain for a while now.  It was introduced to the Google core Algorithm a year ago and today accounts for 15-30% of all search query results.

Rankbrain returns search results based on what it thinks the searcher intended to search for, not the actual search query.  It uses Artificial Intelligence to return a result using a combination of things.  In other words, it’s supposed to mimic human search behavior.

In this episode of SEO Tear Down, I discuss what Rankbrain is, what it’s purpose really is and two things you should apply to your SEO Efforts today to continue a successful SEO program.  Believe it or not, the answers are quite easy.

  1. Don’t develop content for one keyword phrase
  2. Develop content for humans, not computers.

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Episode 3 The Penguin 4.0 Show

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the SEO Tear Down with Scott Gombar

This week we talked about the Penguin 4.0 update and what it means to your SEO efforts.  The penguin algorithm on Google focuses on backlinks.  The last update was in December of 2014, almost 2 years ago.  That means if you were penalized 2 years ago you were only able to remove those penalties with this update.

Penguin 4.0 will become part of the Google Algorithm and will not longer be a separate entity.  That means it will now be updated more consistently with the rest of the Google algorithm.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Penguin is now part of Google’s core algorithm
  • Penalties AND recoveries are now almost instant
  • Links from PBNs, Gret Hat Links, and Aggressive Link Building will be hit the hardest.
  • This is an ongoing, real-time update
  • Stay on top of backlinks and disavow low-quality backlinks immediately

If your business is interested in featuring your site on the SEO Tear Down then contact us and we will schedule you.

Episode 2 Keyword Research Continued

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the SEO Tear Down with Scott GombarWe continued the conversation around Keyword Research today and talked about some of the tools I use for Keyword Research.  I have linked them here for your convenience.  It’s really important to not make assumptions when it comes to Keywords for your site.  What you might think is the best focus for your business might not be what other people are searching for when researching your product or service.

If your business would like to be a future guest on the SEO Tear Down then sign up here.  We will analyze your website together and coach you on the steps you need to take to improve your ranking.  Your business gets exposure and your website will get more traffic.



SEO Tear Down

SEO Tear Down Episode 1

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SEO Tear DownThe inaugural episode of the SEO Tear Down has come and gone.  We didn’t have a business owner’s website but we did have a guest in the chat that we talked to about trying to rank for apple iPhone 7.  The guest has an e-commerce site that sells cell phone cases and he wanted to rank for iPhone 7.  The challenge with this is competing with eBay and Amazon, as well as Google’s algorithm which will push news items to the top since today was also the announcement from Apple regarding the iPhone 7.

I also talked about the first step in on-page SEO which is keyword research and what tools are available to you to conduct the research and determine the best keywords to use for your website optimization.

If your business would like to be a future guest on the SEO Tear Down then sign up here.  We will analyze your website together and coach you on the steps you need to take to improve your ranking.  Your business gets exposure and your website will get more traffic.


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